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Enrollment procedure for non European Union students
Remember that in Italy it is possible to enroll in a University only after completing at least 12 years of primary and secondary education.

UK flag To enroll in our university you need to follow these three steps:

  1. Before departure: apply for pre-enrollment through the Italian Embassy (or Consulate) and ask for visa type D "Application to Italian Universities"in your country of origin.
  2. When you arrive in Italy: take the Italian language test and apply within 8 days for a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno). Students who have a certificate indicating that their Italian level is not lower than B2 (*) are exonerated from the language test. Students who apply for degree courses entirely taught in english are exempted from the italian language test.
  3. When you have passed the Italian language test: take any necessary access tests for the single study courses (when applicable) and register according to the procedures indicated for each degree course.

Valid certification for exoneration from Italian language test

(*) Valid certificates for proficiency in the Italian language (for a level not lower than B2) are awarded by the Council of Europe at the III University of Rome, by the University for Foreigners of Perugia and Siena, the University for Foreigners "Dante Alighieri" of Reggio Calabria and by the "Dante Alighieri" schools, in agreement with the Italian Institutes of Culture abroad. CLIQ certificates (Certificazione lingua italiana di qualità) are also accepted.

What to do in your country of origin

Before starting, check the list of available places  for the academic year 2017-2018 to see whether there are available places in the course you are interested in. The pre-enrollment can be carried out for one course only among those indicated.

You must apply for pre-enrollment through the Italian Embassy/Consulate in your country with the form provided by the Ministry: Immagine Link Esterno. The applying period is from the 20rd March 2017 to 20th July 2017.

You must include the following documents:

  • For pre-enrollment in a bachelor's/first cycle degree (3 years) or single cycle master's degree program (5 or 6 years):
  1. Final original certificate of secondary school studies, received after at least 12 years of education, or a legally valid substitute certificate;
  2. a certificate demonstrating that you have passed the test of academic competence, if necessary, for entry to University in your country of origin (i.e. Selectividad in Spain, Matura shteterore in Albania);
  3. a certificate listing the academic studies partially completed if your secondary school diploma has been obtained in less than 12 years of education.

All documents must be officially translated into Italian and made legal (see also further readings on the right section); the Italian Embassy/Consulate will issue the "Dichiarazione di Valore in loco", a document which provides information about the Educational System in your country and compares the qualification level with the Italian Educational System 

  • For pre-enrollment in a master's degree program (postgraduate degree -2 years):
  1. study diploma achieved at a foreign University;
  2. the transcript of records, awarded by the University, detailing exams passed and marks
  3. detailed program (syllabus) for each course.   

All documents must be officially translated into Italian and made legal (see also further readings on the right section); the Italian Embassy/Consulate will issue the "Dichiarazione di Valore in loco", a document which provides information about the Higher Educational System in your Country and compares the qualification level with the Italian Higher Educational System .


-The transcript of records and the syllabus  can be accepted also in English

-The transcript of records can be replaced by the Diploma Supplement, if issued by the University. In this case, you do not need the "Dichiarazione di Valore in loco", issued by the Italian Embassy/Consulate.







The Italian Diplomatic missions will send the candidates' list to our University and give you an entry visa for "Application to Italian Universities" to enter Italy


What to do when you are in Italy

When you arrive in Italy you must apply for a "residence permit - permesso di soggiorno" within eight days. Information about how to apply for permesso di soggiornoImmagine Link Esterno is available on the website of the Italian Police Force. Multilingual instructions  about how to apply for the residence permit are available on the "Portale Immigrazione" (select the language of information on the left section “istruzioni multilingue”)


Italian language test

Unless you are exonerated, you must take an Italian language test (more details will be given soon);  if you do not pass this test you cannot register and will be obliged to leave Italy before your visa expires.

The date of the Italian language test for the a.y. 2017/18  is 1st September 2017, for candidates of all programs (candidates, who apply for degree courses entirely taught in english, are exempted from the italian language test)

In the days preceding the test (form 28th August to 31st August 2017), you have to hand in to the "welcome desk" the photocopy of these documents:

  • all the documents translated, made legal and accompanied by  the "Dichiarazione di Valore in loco", issued by the Italian Diplomatic mission;
  • passport with entry visa for study/university.

The "welcome desk" will register you for the Italian language test.

On the day of the test you will need to show your passport.

Matriculation for the bachelor's degree/master's degree

When you have passed the language test you must register by following the procedure indicated in the pages of your degree course.


Further readings
  • Further information

    More information  available in the foreign students FAQ.

     For more information, please contact


    Italian Ministry of Education website

  • Exemption from legalization or Aja Apostille

    You are exempted from both the legalization and the Aja Apostille, if your study qualification/s have been awarded by an institution belonging to a country signatory to the European Convention of Bruxelles (Belgium,Denmark, France, Ireland,Italy) or if you hold a German qualification (thanks to the German-Italian Convention on the exemption from the legalization of public deeds).More information

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