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Facoltà di Giurisprudenza, corsi in inglese. Bicocca's Law In English

The Faculty of Law of the University of Milan Bicocca will offer, for the academic year 2011/12 seven courses in law given in English.

Fall Semester (October-December 2011):

  • Roman Law in a Comparative Perspective (Prof. B. Biscotti, PhD)
  • International Law Cases I (Prof.Laura Westra)
  • International Law Cases II (Prof. Marlene M. Losier)
  • Intoduction to Italian Criminal Procedure (Prof. F.Cassibba)
  • Public International Law (Prof. T.Scovazzi)
  • International Tax Law (Prof. I.Pellecchia)

Spring Semester (March-May 2012):

  • Comparative Civil Procedure (Prof. A.Villa)
  • Advanced Constitutional Law (Prof. D.Tega)

bandiera inglese


We believe that internationalization is nowadays the main challenge for every educational program and especially for the professional training offered by the University.

In this perspective, we have two main aims at the Faculty of Law:

  1. to open our doors in real facts to foreign students (mainly Erasmus students, but also students coming from other Universities), offering them the possibility to follow courses and to take the examinations in English, the language that represents nowadays the common way of communicating all over the world;
  2. to give our students the possibility to characterize their studying course in an international way, opening their mind to a different way of thinking and of talking about law.

For whom BLIE?

BLIE is a project which wants to offer the possibility to enrich each student's curriculum with international skills. In this sense it's intended both for Italian students and for foreign students (Erasmus and not Erasmus).

Are BLIE classes just Italian classes taught in English?

The BLIE classes were born, within the philosophy of this project, with a specific international characterization. That's why they are not simply the duplicate of Italian classes, given in English: they are, on the contrary, completely separate courses, thought in order to give the students something more than some Italian laws' elements, in the sense of opening their minds, moving from it towards an international and comparative perspective.

The philosophy of BLIE courses

We are convinced that teaching in English doesn't' just mean to translate in this language our lessons.
Teaching in English involves a different way of thinking and presenting the topics, as well as a different teaching and reasoning method.
The BLIE students will have therefore the chance to get both legal English skills and a different, more pragmatic, way of "thinking" of law.

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