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After a degree in Natural Sciences, I received a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Milan in February 2012. My thesis focused on hydrogeological risk assessment and emergency management, with main focus on landslides hazard, preparedness and response activities in the field of Civil Protection, Spatial Data Infrastructure and GIS (Geographic Information System).

During my work (2010-2012) at CNR-IDPA (National Research Council of Italy - Institute for the Dynamics of Environmental Processes) I had the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in landslides susceptibility modelling with Bayesian method (Weight of Evidence Modelling Technique) and decision support systems for Emergency Plans.

In march 2012, I won a postdoctoral position at University of Milano-Bicocca and I continued to work, as research fellow, on risk assessment focusing particularly on social vulnerability to natural hazards.

During this period, I began a collaboration with Sociology and Social research Department of Milano-Bicocca University to improve the search line on social vulnerability. The collaboration has led to different pear-review publications in national and international journals, MSc thesis and conference presentations. Within this activities, I evaluated, through a geospatial approach, the spatial relation between seismic hazard and social vulnerability in Italy in order to obtain risk scenarios: areas with high seismic and social vulnerability levels.

Another research activity was to analyze the socio-spatial vulnerability in the wake of 2012 Emilia earthquake, developing a method to model interdependencies between damage and socioeconomic characteristics of Mirandola population.

At the same time I participated as coordinator for the WP2.3 of NEXTDATA (a national project that aim to retrieval, storage, access and diffusion of environmental and climate data); within this project, my research activity has been focusing on the management and exploration of large datasets evaluating a database structure to store geospatial data for assessing climate change. During this experience I acquired skills in the use of database structure (PostgreSQL/PostGIS) and WebGIS applications (Geoserver) for data dissemination.

Regarding teaching and mentoring activities, I was supervisor for several undergraduate students of Milano and Milano-Bicocca Universities following their bachelor degree and MSc thesis. I also collaborated with Civil Protection organizing training days, where I also was in charge of education of Civil Protection Volunteers about emergency management and planning.

In regard to the experience in the use of desktop and web GIS applications, from 2010 to present I’m Lecturer of “Laboratory of Geographic Information System” (ca. 30 students), within the course of “Physical Geography and Geographic Information System” at University of Milano-Bicocca. Moreover, from 2016 I’m also Lecturer for the “Laboratory of Environmental Sciences” (ca. 70 students) proposing GRASS GIS for geospatial data analysis.

Personally, I believe in a multidisciplinary approach is fundamental to achieve a comprehensive study of natural hazards; involving not only specialist from earth sciences but also, including social sciences, economics, stakeholders and the local community.

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