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Admitted candidates must enroll at the online Registry ( from 3 October  until 5 October  2018.


In order to finalise the enrollment, admitted candidates must complete the online enrollment process and pay the MAV bulletin by 5 october 2018.

Students who still have to earn their Bachelor degree by 31 October 2018, must enroll by 5 october 2018 as well, otherwise they will lose their right to enrol.

In case of withdrawal from the Master’s programme after enrolling, no reimbursment of the tuition fee’s first instalment is allowed.

Lessons begin 1 october. Please look at


In order to enroll, candidates have to log in with their username and password to SegreterieOnline, select Enrollment, then select Corsi ad Accesso Programmato Pursuant to section 4, paragraph 9, of Regolamento Studenti, approved with DR n. 25755 on 18 June 2009, failure to enroll or to pay the Mav bulletin by the aforementioned deadline is considered a waiver of the right to enroll.



New terms of Pre-enrolment

from  21 September 2018 and by 09.00 local time (GMT + 1) of 27 September 2018 

Only  Ue students and extra Ue with residency in Italy can apply (24 places).  

Ranking lists:  are published not earlier than 1 october  2018.

Applicants are required to have already earned  a first-cycle  degree or expected to earn by 31st October 2018 (conditional admission)

The required CFU (ECTS) must have been  earned  by the application deadline.



Ranking lists of admitted applicants

Eu candidates and extra Eu with residency in Italy 

Extra Eu candidates

Extra Eu candidates not admitted

How to enroll

List of applicants not admitted to evaluation

Ue students and extra Ue with residency in Italy

Extra Ue students

Places availability

 60 places of which:

- 50 reserved to EU students (including Italian) and Extra-EU students with residency in Italy (art. 26 Law 189/2002);

- 10 reserved to Extra-EU students resident abroad (requiring permit to stay).


Terms of Pre-enrolment: from 1 March 2018 and by 12.00 local time (GMT + 1) of 16 April 2018


Ranking lists:  are published not earlier than 4 May 2018