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Elenco degli insegnamenti offerti nell'a.a. 2019/2020

Bioconjugation techniques and manufacturing process development in a Pharmaceutical network
Teacher Dr. Matteo Piazza, Cerbios Pharma SA
Language English
Hours  12
Program The objectives of these seminars are:
  1)      to show the state-of-the-art techniques of bio-conjugation applied to the development of anti-tumor drug and other drugs; 
  2)      Introduce to the students the concept of process industrialization
  3)      to present to PhD students the current strategies of pharmaceutical companies in the research and development and in the drug market
  Table of contents -
  1. Bioconjugation (2 hours)
      a. Intro on bioconjugation
      b. Bioconjugates as ‘’Magic bullets’’ for tumor treatment
      c. Industrialization of bioconjugation processes
  2. From Proof-of-concept to the counter (2 hours)
      a. Pharmaceutical manufacturing framework applied to therapeutics bioconjugates
      b. CRO for early stage 
      c. CMO for GMP manufacturing
      d. Pharma for outsourcing, product development and manufacturing
  3. Simulation of development of a new bioconjugate anticancer drug (8 hours)
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Introduction to project management
Teacher Dr. Paola Esena, UNIMIB
Language English
CFU  2.5
Hours  20
Program The objectives of this course can be resumed as follows:
  · Acquire basic knowledge of funding programmes (regional, national, eu, extra-eu)
   · Acquire basic competences of grant writing 
  · Learn to sketch the structure of a project proposal 
  · Learn the main transversal aspects and tools for  project management
   At the end of the course, the participants will be able to identify and sketch the main points of grant proposal and project management. All PhD students are welcome, especially the last year students
  Table of contents 
  1. Funding programmes: types of tender and calls (non-European, European, national, regional, private) general conditions and financial aspects - 3 hours
  2. Grant Writing- 8 hours
  Project cycle management: definition of "project" and analysis of key aspects of the projects (innovation, transferability, sustainability, partnership, co-financing, communication plan, dissemination plan), budgeting, indicators, WBS - Work Breakdown Structure, Work Packages, Derivables , milestones, Gantt chart, Pert diagram, risk analysis
  3. Project Management  - 4 hours
  Management techniques and tools, contingency plans, control and management of results, times and costs
  4. Practical exercise - 5 hours
  Writing of a research project and preparation of the budget (in groups), discussion and analysis of scripts
Evaluation NO
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Time and Self-Management Course for PhD Students (TiSeM)
Teacher 2 experienced trainers from hfp consulting (www.hfp-consulting.com)
Language English
CFU  2
Hours  16      Workshops of 2 consecutive days.
Program The goals of this workshop are: 
  ·     Will have learned how to manage their time better 
  ·     Can better define their goals and reach them 
  ·     o More efficiently (doing things right) 
  ·     o More effectively (doing the right thing) 
  ·     Will develop skills for proactive self-management 
  ·     Will develop strategies to be more in control over own time 
  ·     Be encouraged to establish and maintain a peer support group 
  ·     Strengthen their network within UNIMIB 
  Table of contents
  •    Principle of time and self-organization 
  •    Setting good goals 
  •    Setting priorities 
  •    Taking advantage of own biorhythm 
  •    Dealing with unexpected tasks  
  •    How to say “No”
  •    Proactive Management
  •    Delegation and collaboration 
  •    Work-Life Balance 
  The training will be given by two experienced trainers. Real examples and experiences of participants will be used to illustrate the do’s and don’ts within the different training topics. As our training philosophy is based on ‘learning by doing’, we strive for a highly interactive learning environment in which participants actively engage in discussion, writing and exercises. Our trainers act as navigators through the funding process, whereby participants are expected to apply learned information for themselves and to develop their personal strategies, solutions and action plans. A workbook will be provided for participants to take notes and identify their next steps, and to review training information and templates. Hfp consulting also offers an online platform through which training materials can be accessed after the training. 
Evaluation YES, oral
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