Europe. United in the diversity

Wednesday, 9th May 2018, 10.30 a.m., in Auditorium G. Martinotti, Edificio U12, via Vizzola 5 Milano.
9th May 1950, the then Foreign Minister of France, Robert Schumann, proposed the idea of a new form of political cooperation in Europe, which would make a war among the European Nations unthinkable. With this event we want to celebrate TOGETHER the birth and the extension of this beautiful idea which is the European Union, emphasizing innovation, creativity and uniqueness. We hope, then, that this dream of freedom and UNION will become a concrete and tangible reality for EVERYONE.
9th May also wants to be an opportunity of confrontation, reflection and interactive dialogue among the participants, about the themes of interculturalism and experience which Europe can bring to each of us.
Have a look at the programme of the day and register filling in the online registration form. We are waiting for you!

Mahre center

MaRHE Center – 03°04′40″N 72°57′55″E

Located in the Maldives -Magoodhoo (Faafu Atoll) - the Marine Research and High Education Center  since 2009 carries out research and teaching activities in the fields of environmental sciences and marine biology, science of tourism and human geography, to teach how to protect this fragile environment and its biodiversity. 

Winter and Summer school

Summer and Winter schools are a wonderful way to bring Italian and international students to work together intensively during the normal study break periods. We offer every year a wide range of courses highlighting what the university has to offer on topics with international relevance. Join a global community of students by participating to one of our schools in Italy or abroad. 

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