Marco Polo Program

“Marco Polo” program is an intergovernmental agreement, between Italy and China, created in order to facilitate the presence of Chinese students in Italian Universities. Chinese students have the possibility to obtain a Visa for study reasons, if they enroll in a preparatory course of Italian language and culture, which takes place entirely in Italy, and pre-enroll in an Italian University to attend an academic course, either of first or second level.

The application form for the “Marco Polo” program consisting of the enrollment in the Italian language course, and the pre-enrollment in an academic course, must be given in either at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in China. At the moment of the pre-enrollment the student must opt for an academic course (only one), which cannot be changed later on.

Marco Polo students are therefore asked to attend an Italian language course, which takes place during the academic year before the enrollment. If the student completes the above-mentioned course, (s)he does not need to sit the Italian language exam mandatory for Extra-EU students who wish to enroll in an Italian University.

Enrolment Procedure

Before starting, check the available places for the a.y. 2019-2020, to verify if there are available places for the course you are interested in. The pre-enrolment can be made for only one course among the available ones.

You must follow these three steps:

Before departure: apply for pre-enrolment through the Italian Embassy (or Consulate), from 10th  April 2018 to 27th August 2018. You also must apply to the Italian Embassy (or Consulate) for a visa type D "Application to Italian Universities” in China. You must choose both the course that you want to follow in Italy, and the Italian language and culture course, which takes place in one of the  institutions listed in the MIUR website.

When you arrive in Italy: apply within 8 days for a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno). At the end of the course you must obtain an Italian language certificate indicating that your Italian level is at least B1(according to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

At the University: take any necessary access tests for the single study courses (when applicable) and enrol according to the procedures indicated for each degree course.

Documents to hand in to the Welcome Desk

The documents listed in the annex are required for access to degree courses, master's degree and single-cycle master's degree.

For access to scholarship or other economic benefits, as well as for access to master, doctoral or other training courses, please refer to the specific calls for applications which may require different documentation.

Italian language courses for Marco Polo students

The University of Milan-Bicocca has signed an agreement with the following Institutions for the provision of Italian language courses for Marco Polo students: 

a cura di Area della formazione, ultimo aggiornamento il 31/05/2019