Interdisciplinary courses

The interdisciplinary courses are open to all PhD students, upon registration.

To obtain the PhD degree, every PhD student, from XXXII cycle, has to get at least 8 CFU:

  • at least 4 CFU obtained from the teachings of their own PhD course;
  • at least 2 CFU obtained from the interdisciplinary courses;
  • the last 2 CFU obtained from their own PhD course or from the interdisciplinary courses.


Attendance will be registered in the PhD students’ career, provided that the course is attended:

  • at least 70 per cent attendance when the final examination is expected;
  • at least 100 per cent attendance for courses without examination.


Credits will not be recognized to students who do not meet the deadlines set by the teacher for the delivery of the final works


You can enrol in a course by entering the Segreterie On-line and choosing “Corsi Elettivi”, only  during the registration periods specified for each course.

The registration will be closed on the achivement of the maximum number of partecipants specified in syllabus. 


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