Professore ordinario
Settore scientifico disciplinare: 
U07, Piano: P02, Stanza: 2075
Via Bicocca degli Arcimboldi, 8 - 20126 MILANO
Orario di ricevimento: 

IL ricevimento è mercoledi 1130-1330, aula 2075 (II piano U7).

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Pietro Giorgio Lovaglio is Full Professor of Economic Statistics at the Department of Statistics and Quantitative Methods, University of Bicocca-Milan and Graduate Program Coordinator of "Statistics and Data Management", University of Milano-Bicocca.

He is Senior Researcher and Member of the Scientific Board of Research Center CRISP (http://www.crisp-org.it/) at University of Bicocca Milan,  Member of the Scientific commetee Academic Staff for the PhD program “Economics and Statistics“ and Member of the Scientific Board for the Master program “Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics”.

He is an expert of Data mining, machine learning. His current research topics are in the area of: model selection, models for high-dimensional data, hierarchical models and models for latent variables.

Whitin it’s didactic activities (Data mining and Computational statistics) is offered an International SAS certification “Predictive modeler using SAS Enterprise miner”. 

He is the author of over 80 papers on peer-reviewed journals (Google Scholar, 882 citations, h-Index =15) and has published among others in: Econometric reviews, Quality and Quantity, Journal of economic surveys, Structural change and economic dynamics, Computational Statistics and data analysis, The Lancet Infectious Diseases and Springer books.

Concerning the area of applied statistics, he conducted research and participated to research projects in several areas such as:  Human Capital estimation, earnings trajectories and education returns, Evaluation methods in Health and Education (effectiveness and efficiency), Labour Market Outcomes and transition analysis, Analysis of labour earnings and education levels, Analysis of labour market analysis with administrative data, Quality assessment and evaluation in public services.


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  • Berta, P., Lovaglio, P., & Verzillo, S. (2021). How have casemix, cost and hospital stay of inpatients in the last year of life changed over the past decade? Evidence from Italy. HEALTH POLICY, 125(8), 1031-1039. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.healthpol.2021.06.005 Dettaglio
  • Berta, P., Paruolo, P., Verzillo, S., & Lovaglio, P. (2020). A bivariate prediction approach for adapting the health care system response to the spread of COVID-19. PLOS ONE, 15(10), e0240150. Dettaglio
  • Berta, P., Lovaglio, P., Paruolo, P., & Verzillo, S. (2020). Real Time Forecasting of Covid-19 Intensive Care Units demand [Working paper]. Dettaglio
  • Lovaglio, P., Mezzanzanica, M., & Colombo, E. (2020). Comparing time series characteristics of official and web job vacancy data. QUALITY & QUANTITY, 54(1), 85-98 [10.1007/s11135-019-00940-3]. Dettaglio