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Department of Informatics, System and Communication (DISCo)
Presentation of the course

The Master’s Degree in Data Science is part of the Class of Master Degrees in Information Society; it lasts two years and is awarded with 120 ECTS. Twelve exams are enivisaged, corresponding to 90 ECTS. Seven exams are held in the first year, and five exams in the second year. Remaining credits will be acquired in terms of a stage and the final thesis.

The master is freely accessible to graduate students, subject to having been previously earned 30 ETCS in Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics.

The language of the master degree is English.

At the end of the period, a Master’s Degree in Data Science is earned. The goal of the degree is to provide graduate students, who are coming from different scientific backgrounds, with advanced competences and skills required for the value-driven analysis of large amount of data (so called big data) using cutting-edge statistical techniques and computational models.

The degree is targeted to graduate students who have a background in different scientific domains, ranging from Natural Sciences to Social Sciences and Economics. It is designed to have a solid basis in Statistics and Computer science but also a strong multidisciplinary characterization in juridical, social and economic issues.

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Call for application 2024/2025
Admitted students list 2024/2025 A.Y.
Enrol 2024/2025 A.Y.
President of the Teaching Coordination Council
Andrea Maurino