da Lunedì, 03 Settembre 2018 a Mercoledì, 05 Settembre 2018

Convegno MPS: The Mathematics of Subjective Probability

3-5 September 2018 Building U4-2

Registration is open until June 30th 2018. REGISTRATION

The subjective approach to probability has historically had great importance in the comprehension of uncertainty phenomena, as witnessed by the works of de Finetti, Dubins, Savage and of too many other scholars to mention explicitly. 

Although mostly superseded by the axiomatic setting inaugurated by Kolmogoroff, the subjective approach is common to all those studies in which probability is not taken as an assumption but rather as part of the solution to specific mathematical problems in statistics, decision theory, gambling, game theory, economics. 

In organizing this meeting we aim at putting together researchers who, each in his own field, share such fundamental view and at bringing to the general attention the work done so far and the great future potential. 

The Mathematics of Subjective Probability' workshop welcomes all mathematicians who are interested in the topic.

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